Better Rust Anti Hack ?

Don’t get me wrong rust is an amazing game and I can never get board but it seems Everytime I join a server and start having a good time there is hacker flying around doing what ever like raiding bases, mass server murder, ect. On a few servers I have seen hackers spawning airdrops and the Admins couldent even stop it.
One of my friends owns a server and he says that not even the anti hack plugins work to stop hackers. Is there going to be any new Improvments to rust anti hack?

“The Asians couldn’t even stop it” I kinda giggled there.

But ehh to answer your question, right now the developers are working with Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) that is fully concentrated on battling cheaters, making anti-cheat, etc. etc.

Sadly there will always be cheaters and it’s always 100 times harder to build an anti-cheat than making a cheat so it’s a tough battle. But it’s a good thing we now have a 3rd party that does most of the work against cheating so the developers don’t have to put up with all that.

I can only predict but I think that cheaters will become less of a problem once the game gets to baseline and definitely less of a problem than they were on Legacy

You raise a good point, They’re doing all they can for the moment though I guess. It would be nice to see something implemented that disables the really bad features though such as speed and jump hacks.

You can never completely stop cheating, only minimize it. This counts for every game in existence.