Better support for Mattie's EventScripts


I have created a GMod server and added Mattie’s EventScripts to be able to customize the server.
I am missing in general some administrative tools (votekick, etc).

With I was able to activate after creating an ini file for ES.
But I have noticed that the menu popup seems not to work correctly.

This happens when I type xa (

Is there a possibility to implement the menu feature?

It’s from 2008 and written in Python… Perfect admin mod!

The answer to your problem is lua.

Well to tell the truth it is a shit ton more secure.

Yeah but you wouldn’t be able to change anything unless you knew Python, and just inefficient in general.


thanks for your replys.

What would you suggest as alternative to MAP and ES (XA)?
(Based on Lua :))

I have found some mods, but it seems that they are inactive too.
Evolve ( website down and no really change in the last two years)
Assmod (Last news one year ago

It seems that ULX ( is at the moment the only active mod.

Here are some updated ones:
ULX (and related mods):
ASSMod (My fixed version):

Evolve has some broken features at the moment; if you know lua then I definitely recommend Evolve. If not, ULX is probably your best choice.

If you know LUA make your own, if you don’t ulx …

why reinvent something that already exists?

Because you probably don’t want 90% of the ULX features so why not make a streamline one for specifics?

Why not just remove the things you don’t want? It’s pretty modular.

Actually, I have to say, when you code your own admin mod you get more satisfaction out of it, and you can implement more features otherwise not included with other mods. (Not to mention that you can create your own GUIs, etc)

Pantho’s right. If you know lua quite well, you should make your own, otherwise go for the ones I listed. I personally recommend exsto.