Better vehicle entering animations?

Wooo another thread with me complaining about something related to vehicles!

If you’ve played Garry’smod on a sandbox server or something, you’ve likely seen people get into jeeps. I made this thread because I wanted to say that the animations for getting into a vehicle are crap. They are just by definition crap. You literally float through the air while doing the driving animation. Would it be possible to add animations to you getting into X vehicle? What I mean is basically I want something similar to what Alyx does when she gets in the Jalopy in HL2:Episode 2. She has animations for going in through the side and through the non-existent from window. I know she’s a NPC and the animations are obviously scripted, but would it be possible to apply these same sort of animations to the player?

Also some extra stuff from another thread of mine that got buried: