Better waypoints for NPCs

Lemme be straight with you, I have looked EVERYWHERE for a MULTI-waypoint stool for npcs. There is none. I KNOW this can be done, however my lua sucks. DO NOT POST A LINK TO THE NPC CONTROL MOD!!! That only gives one waypoint, and if you place another it ignors the last. Why not a stool that you select the npc with right click, set a waypoint with left click and it appears as a node or something that can then be right clicked on to, say, tell them to do a emote like you can in npc control. You can then set multiple nodes that they walk on till they reach the last one, then walk back to the first. I THINK THATS SIMPLE ENOUGH!?! It dosn’t exactally have to be like that but i hope you get the idea. This would be great for RP, Solo-ing, Vids, and making maps like Big City come to life. Who knows, mabey we can eventually make them drive:3


In NPC control mod there is ‘Advanced Waypoints’, wich allows you to add multiple waypoints.

Really?..Damn i feel stupid.

Alright I just got back and am gonna try it.

Ok i figured out why i didn’t see this earlier. for some reason its not working right. i can select the npc’s but i cant set waypoints. it might be related to the fact that none of my tools work on the world. like ropes, elastic, adv dups. any thing that is a stool won’t fire when i look at the ground. its really pissing me off. any help?

perhaps you should try to re-install gmod?