Better ways to port models

Hey guys,

This isn’t really a “rant” more of an idea for anyone who has the same issues. Porting models to Gmod is pretty tedious. We really need somehow to do this easily. Just think about all the people who could make models if their were easier steps.

It wouldn’t be possible without knowing the internal structure of every possible model format that people want to use, any quirks they may have (such as rotations, different skeletal systems, etc.) and what the various components can translate to in Source.

Then you have the smaller changes in engines like UE between different developers to allow their models to behave in certain ways (deformation, dismemberment, etc.), yeah, tools to port content easily would be nice, but looking at it from a feasibility standpoint, it just wouldn’t be worth the time considering a lot of models need some manual adjustments when porting anyway.

Yeah I see what you mean, maybe down the road someone would do something. Until then, I guess we just have to sit and be patient.

It’d be nice to have that kind of tool available. We already have importers and exporters after all, so we know a good chunk of internal model structure for quite a few formats. It’s just automating that process and removing the extra work of fixing strange little quirks in a format consistently isn’t an easy task.

I’m sure at some point someone will work it out for a popular format, and get a 99% of the time working proof of concept, which would work nice as a base. But a fully fledged, multi-format model converter seems to be quite a feat.