Beware of the "|Economy|DoorShare|HalfCraft|ClanjWa rs|Groups" server because of the admins there!

me and my friends just started playing on this server in question and we had a big gunfight with some kevlar guys(from some big clan in that server called Apex) after an airdrop near our little base. We actually killed 3 of them with only pipe shotguns and looted loads of weapons and armor. Just after the fight Admin banned one of my friends and didn’t give any explanation at first. The only reply that I got from the admin was “stop crying”. I don’t see why I should have stopped when he banned my friend for no reason and now we couldn’t play on that server together.

After asking several times he told me that my friend was using an aimbot because he killed the admin who was watching the firefight invisible. Admin told me that he killed him with a headshot and he was invisible so that’s why my friend was using aimbot. I didn’t believe this at first because that sounds ridiculous, banning players because he(the admin) got killed when teleporting to a gunfight… And I want to remind that we were using only pipe shotguns so he must have been really close to my friend to even get headshotted… After this he also banned me because some other people started to ask why he banned my friend.

Either the admin on this servers is banning people without any good reason or proof of anything or he banned my friend because the big clan in that server started crying to the admin about us.

Just wanted to warn people because this server is the top server on and I recommend not to start playing on this server unless you want to get banned for no reason.

Thank you!

Welcome to community servers. You give anyone that kind of power and they will abuse it.

The admins on this server are to put it simply inexperienced and abusive. They are quick to judge and ban groups of players based on no proof at all. To quote the “Admin.” who typed this into the server chat to everyone “I will ban mass groups of players without care because for every 1 of you banned there are 5 more people willing to take your spot”. You will see a steady wave of people getting kicked and banned often for no reason said at all. They also repeatedly spam people to vote on the site for a reward of a c4/other items and repeatedly advertise themselves as the #1 server of rust.

You also can’t forget about the resident clans groups there [BBB] and the others who pay the admins an hourly wage to admin the server and give their group benefits/favors. Such as banning an opposing group when they get raided or lose a fight on the basis of hacking.

If your looking for a server steer clear of this one, you have been warned.

At least one of the admin on this server’s been permabanned from FP for spamming threads about the server on multiple ban-evading alts, if I recall correctly.

For one, if they are invisible, they are immune to damage.

That seems like a bullshit story. You killed his friends, and he banned you.

Godmode and invisible armor are two different things that can be applied at the same time.

However, it’s their server, their rules, and you can play on other servers instead.

No one gives two shits here about your experiences. Go to their site, put in a complaint, don’t ever play there again, and find a new community. optional post it in the SERVERS SUBFORUM since it is related to servers.


On there OWN SERVERS?!

BLASPHEMY! How can this be…


~ C

I’ve been playing on this server since it came out and I haven’t been banned wrongly for killing anyone. I even attacked the admin one time but nothing happened to me. Still playing the server.

There’s two admins on the server and he’s constantly working on making the server better. From what I’ve seen, he doesn’t have time for any BS which is probably why you got banned.

vVv has a massive community with like over 10,000 people - I’m sure they handed out admin to anyone

I tried playing it. Someone said hi, come here, then his friend hit me from behind and killed me.

Admin-wise, the LA Oxide one seems the best but there are some big groups of Koreans who run around in paramilitary groups.

if you are wearing every single piece of the invisible set you are still impervious to damage and rads without godmode command.

I can attest to that being not true. I have died many times from being shot and from zombies while wearing every piece.

Wearing the Invis armor makes you only take damage from falls.

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I have tested it out, with being shot and from animals and zombies and have not got hurt once. Stood there for 5 minutes letting a Black Zombie hit me and took no damage.

possible that there was another admin on? setting godmode for one sets it for all admins that are on at that time. Or did this change in one of the updates to the game?

No, there wasn’t, but soon as my server is back up ill check it again.

As someone who has once (and may in the future) play on the VVV server, i’d like to throw in my personal experience. My experience with this server (which at the time had only one admin, the owner, who’s ingame name is simply “admin” last i knew) was a great experience. As the owner of the server he does have the right to ban anyone for any reason, and i know he especially hates hackers. He also has a built in hack detection system to alert him to things, so perhaps something went wrong with that and he truly had no reason to believe your friend wasn’t hacking?

It sucks that your experience on this server was thwarted by what clearly may have been a mistake on the admin’s part. But i would urge people not to keep this from trying out that server. It’s a REALLY well kept server that has a lot of next-level features way before i saw them on other servers. The admin is also really easy to make friends with if you invite him to come watch your raids or just in general interact with him. I know personally when i log on he’ll always teleport over to me and play some uber-hatchet music and see what’s up.

Also to whomever said that he’s being paid by groups for special treatment. That’s simply bs.

Tl;dr I’ve played on this server, and one of the best parts of the server was the admin himself. I’d urge people to still try the server despite this unfortunate case.

Not really.

I play on a server where the admin hardly ever does anything because he wants to be as non-abusive as possible.

Like, he won’t even teleport you to your friends or use his uber hatchet to fix your house when you mess up.

In fact he’s so non-abusive he’s borderline derelict in his duties.

Some people use power with integrity, some don’t, but that’s life.