Beware the resources!

I was almost killed once pick axing rocks,then later I was.Apparently,I am a silly sod for axing a damn rock,and dieing.

Your new update sucks.All you did was switch out zombies,make them red animals which drop the same ovaltine crap as before,and your new rock animations can kill you.

Well done.I await with baited breath for the next update.

update + changes = angry n00bs

Dips that call players with over 400 hours angry noobs = tardlet fanboi

Another happy customer :slight_smile:

They paid money, they’re mad, they got the right to post it…

Get over it ^^

Well, I guess they have the right. But really they were warned that it’s an early access game and a buggy mess, and if they claim they weren’t warned, they obviously just mindlessly paid for the game and it’s still their fault, no one should mindlessly wander into a purchase without reading up on the game.

Regardless, it’s not that bad of an update, it’s just a slightly different game now.
I always hated zombies, so I couldn’t care less. What I do care about is dying by woodpile, so that’s something that’s probably already on the Dev radar and is going to be fixed eventually.

And the red animals are a placeholder, like zombies. They’ll be removed sometime soon, probably sometime rather soon. (1-2 months probably)

Yeah, that thingy about woodpiles is very very wrong, i died far away from home and lost everything. I mean if you want to make it realistic…at least get a bleeding status? but not an insta kill from a wood of pile. Right now I’m more afraid of resources than animals or players.