Beyond Borders Episode IV Part II Preview

Well this is certainly a surprise for anyone who has an ounce of memory left regarding this comic :v:

I’ve had these frames done for a long time now and only recently had I decided to re-write them after a little peer review. A lot is happening in the real world (coupled with gmod instability) so this comic has seen many delays. However, it’s not entirely dead and I’m determined to get at least Part II out before I run out of time. I’m doing some script edits and trying to finish up frames so I can start post-processing. Since these have been done for months now, I think it’s enough to warrant a preview of sorts.

This is the first look into a some what complex character, Conrad. He’s at an internal conflict between duty and morality. Naturally, he represents the internal workings of the Combine and helps to convey to the reader my personal mythos regarding the alien race and their workings on earth. At least while Mark (protagonist) remains outside the city limits. My lore assumes Gordon Freeman doesn’t exist and that most of this is obviously an alternate universe that parallels the canon world of HL2 to an extent.

Anyway, slight preview on the first two pages of the comic that is slowly but surely coming (courtesy of Lt_C for title font design)

*This preview is dialogue heavy so…

Oh shit son. This is a treat

Fort, I’ve been working on your script some more. I was going to give you what I had so far but I got into the whole thing so I think I’ll try to push for finishing up a complete draft all together. I’m working on it as we speak.

Looks like Christmas came early.

The first frame is baller as fuck.


HL2 universe drama is best drama


any chance we could get a reupload of all episodes?

I want to be you. Visually flooring.

Ahhh awesomee

I do suggest to get the new Gallahan model though. It’s less lumpy.

Also, Tina Fay. I can dig it.

Hot, hot, hot.

I can’t believe this isn’t dead and buried. I love you, Jim. That’s all there is to it. I love you.

It’ll be a shame to see this die. Maybe, if you decide you can’t really continue it any more, you can provide me with the manuscript / notes and the content you use, and I could continue it for you. Assuming I’ll have any time, when that sad, sad day comes, of course. :v:

Can’t wait for the full episode, mate. This was one of my favorite series, just because of the emphasis on story. No doubt about it.

More like beyond awesome.

That’s something I could definitely consider. I just need to bundle up all the concepts first though since most of it is still in my head :wink: Hopefully you stick around for a while because I’m sure I’ll call upon you to do some peer edits on the writing like last time :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually looking into possibly re-writing all previous episodes to keep the style/fonts/details etc. more consistent with one another because each episode showed that I was getting progressively better :v: I also changed fonts like two episodes in as well.

In the mean time, I’ll probably re-upload previous episodes soon…or do a massive comic dump in a single thread.

These scenes were done about a month or two before this new Gallahan model came out. I didn’t want to re-do them so I figured I’d just use it next time we see Darius and use it as an indicator of him changing/progressing (and looking much more awesome because I love that model)

Thanks everyone! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in the full episode!

I actually stumbled upon some previous episodes the other day and, I had forgotten all about them.

Bravo, Mister Riley

Also, only tangentially related but, I did a reformat some months back, and have been wanting to get back into comics recently.

What’s the name of the font you use here for dialog? I’ve gotten back most my other comic-making fonts (plus a few new ones), but I just can’t remember the name of this font.

Mighty Zeo 2.0 is the name. It’s one of my favorites. Looks good for serious comics, imo

It does, it does. I like it.

Nice to read this Jimmy. I still have the older issues on my HDD.

Jim_Riley! :open_mouth:

Riley, if there is one thing you’re even better at than awesome screenshots, then it’s comics.

Now that I think about it, I think I never saw the first one!

Wow. Link to the comics up to this point? I’m new and kicking myself for having missed this!