Beyond Borders: Episode IV Promo

Been a while since anything related to Beyond Borders has come from me, no? Anyway, so the time is nearing that I am actually almost done with this episode! (woo progress!!) and I guess in anticipation for it’s release I’ve have the title page for the episode as well as the final logo design for the comic. As those who followed the comic, the title font has always been changing dramatically in style. Now, I think I’ve decided to settle for what I think works best. Borders Comic/backgrounda.jpg

Stay tuned in the next few days because I’m aiming for a weekend release!

In the mean time, feel free tojog your memory with the releases of my previous three episodes.

Looking forward to it!

Can’t Wait.

Dude, I just read the first three and they’re incredible! Good job man and I can’t wait for the new one!

So excited! Looking forward to the release.