Beyond Borders: Episode V promo

First promo, Episode V is officially in the works: Borders Comic/BeyondbordersepisodeVpromo1.jpg

How many episodes are going to be in this series? And will there be different seasons? Because i’m loving it, keep up the awesome work.

I want about 10 episodes.

I would also like to do three seasons. Ambitious, but I already have the road map laid out for season two.

However, that’s pretty far down the road so we’ll just have to see how things go really.

Awesome, cant wait till episode 5 to come out.

Really looking forward to Episode V: The Combine Strike Back! (Well, that’s probably not the real name)

Dude, can’t wait for it… this is really the only HL2 comic I’m interested in!

I’m really glad to see you’re excited to continue Beyond Borders. It really takes me back to the old days when there were many comics like that around, both good and bad. Sadly these days it seems most people want to pose light fixed scenes and the good old generic poses.

Keep it up, Jim.

Glad to see you having so much motivation to continue this amazing story!

Aw… :frowning:

sorry… what I meant to say was… this is really the only HL2 comic I’m interested in! :v:

I’m gonna be honest I haven’t taken a look at yours, but I will now!

I’m a little confused here, have I traveled back in time?
Because of this comic, the last I remember about it is the group finding the cave dweller base and there was plot twists and the old blind guy or something.
I’ve been out of the loop around here for years.

Nah, I dropped the old concept for something less off track and more streamlined for the story to progress. Elements from the old concept will be re-used but just at different times. I think in the end it’ll make a lot more sense and the flow of the story won’t change much.

It’s called a “redux”. Fancy word for the popular trend of the old days of remaking comics! At least this time around we’re actually going somewhere new, not just remaking comics that are like 2 months old.