Beyond confused. Spawned into US2 with excessive loot.

I usually play on US 3, but, seen as how it is down I decided to join US 2 which I have no recollection of ever playing on. When I spawned I knew something was up because I had 5 M1 Frag’s assigned to my 6 slot. Then upon opening my inventory I found a satchel charge, a full stack of each ammo type, about 10 large medkits, along with various other medium value loot. So I am a little curious if this has happened to anyone else or if someone could possibly shed some light on this. Thanks.

Share accounts?

Nope. Just got it last week and have only played regularly on EU 2 and US 3.

That’s weird, although I could think of worse bugs if that is what it is. I’ve known people on private servers of Runescape to log in to their accounts and find other people’s items as if some how the character files have messed up but logging out usually fixes that, don’t know if thats what has happened for you though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Call ghost busters (it’s only a $10 fee)

Haha well I’m afraid to log into that server now since I’m a target with no shelter or weapons besides explosives! Thank you for the feedback though it must be a file error!

Probably got my stuff. Haha. I lost a half of large crate full when it crashed.

I hope not man, if I find you on there you can have all this loot.