Beyond Good & Evil HD Models

Hello. I’m requesting that Jade and Pey’j (In the back there) be made into models. Didn’t seem to find them when I looked it up, and I figure they would make good additions.

If not the HD version, then the normal original Xbox version. Don’t know if it’s possible to take models from LIVE Arcade games or not, myself.

Thanks in advance.

Support. BG&E is probably one of the previous generation’s best games never played and a little extra exposure would do it good.

i support this!
still play this game today :slight_smile:

Glad this thread is getting some support. Thanks.

I still have Jade’s model somewhere, just not rigged. But only from the old PC version.

PLan to finish her sooner or later.


If someone got me the .dat files for the HD version I could probably get the model out of it. Depending on if they use the same engine.

Alright, how would I go about getting those? I have the downloadable game on LIVE Arcade, if it helps.

So…bump, I guess.

Not that I want to be posting three times in a row, but…

How would I get these .dat files? If needed, I could find a flash drive, download the HD LIVE Arcade game to it…

no clue, never opened any xbox files. I just know they use a different endian system.

Ah. Well, thanks for responding.

If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind working on the old version of her, then?