Beyond Good & Evil - Jade

Eleven years ago, in 2003, a game called “Beyond Good & Evil” came out. While it became a critical darling, the game was a commercial failure. But I’ve played it, and although I didn’t finish it at the time, I really liked the game.

One of the things I liked about this game, is that it showed a strong female protagonist in the form of Jade, a reporter recruited by a small group called the IRIS network to journey deep behind enemy lines. She’s not an all-out action hero like Samus or Lara. She can fight, but her main weapon is her camera, which she must use to show the world that the government’s been lying to them.

I’ve recently been playing the HD re-release for Xbox 360/PS3, and it came to me today that nobody’s attempted to port her into GMOD (most likely due to the commercial flop of the game), even though the original version came out on PC. I feel she would be a nice addition, so I’ve decided to put this request in.

**Image of Jade


Link to 3D Model

Support hard.

Damn I remember trying to rig her up ages ago, but was never able to get a clean rip

I see. Well, hopefully we get to see her soon in GMOD.

Would love to see other characters, but no model= no port.

Maybe someone can extract the .bin files from the game.

I am deeply sorry to bump this thread, but I recently saw a picture of Jade in Source Filmmaker. This image was taken last year as part of a BG&E fan film project for SFM. (Note: The image is NOT mine!)

Seeing this image makes me believe that she can indeed be ripped from the main game (alongside other characters). Hopefully it still happens…

Why work so hard to port something that’s already been ported? All someone would need is the get the SFM version of the Jade model and convert it for use in Gmod.

I don’t think the guy publicly released the model. Think he’s ripped it only for use on his project, because I can’t find it anywhere.