Beyond Juice Reviews

So after much consideration me and my friend Jack have decided to make a reviewing organization. We have a few reviews up (with many more on the way) and are looking for your guys opinion on us and stuff you want reviewed. Constructive criticism wanted.

Don’t expect a high revenue.

I don’t expect any revenue, this is for fun, for now atleast.

Im Jack.

would prefer “beyond juche”.

“rp_downtown_v2 is a concept which reflect imperialist-capitalist lies about america, a blast seared wasteland which threatens dear leader’s sovereignty”

? Sry but i didnt get any of that

I actually think this is a good idea and that you should continue it. The reviews are nice, professional, and informal. Don’t just review maps that everyone knows though, dig for the lesser known ones.

Always start with something easy - as they say

We should have more reviews coming today or tomorrow.

And some Video Reviews… ocne juice gets his server up… if you wanna help goto