Beyond Two Souls Jodie Holmes model request

i saw someone on Xentax had extracted some models from Beyond Two Souls, they had multiple characters and multiple outfits of Jodie Holmes, but as usual won’t reply to any emails/messages about them or any help with trying to do it myself, anyone on here have any idea or managed to get them from when those were posted?

may be hard to do because Beyond Two Souls is a PS3 game that came out a year ago and extracting New PS3 games can be very impossible so people make fanmade models and they dont look good

doesn’t matter anymore lol, i haven’t been on here in good while and now i don’t feel like releasing any ragdolls i’ve shown off anymore because of posts like this, not just beyond two souls, asking for any help of any kind apparently is just funny or dumb anyways, so i guess releasing ragdolls or models is funny and dumb aswell, since i last showed the Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts ragdolls i was working on, i’ve since gotten Grunty, Mumbo, LOG, Klungo and a few others from that game that people said was impossible, i guess they’re too funny and dumb to be released, rate this as dumb and funny as you want to

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for people that might not have seen the original post again XD