Beyond Two Souls Model Exporter

**This Dumper and exporter tool basically permit us to export any model from Beyond Two Souls PS3 version. That’s mean: characters, weapons, vehicles, even stages. Also we can obtain bones with weights too. **

How to use it and things that you need to know:

1st: read the readme.txt file that is included

2nd: This tool works perfect with Blender, so I recommend to use that tool for open the exported models and then re-export the models again for working in 3ds max, maya, etc. In case contrary you will obtain some bugs, flipped faces and bad scales.

**3rd: **The tool is composed by three executables.

b2s_big_models.exe = Tool used for extract segm files from DAT files (d1, d2, d3, d4) files ( read the readme.txt file for details)
b2s_DC.exe= The tool for obtain models and compressed textures ( drag and drop the segm :happy: )
b2s_imgdc.exe= The tool for convert those compressed textures and a respective batch file with the same name for automate the process **(Important: This tool maybe will give you a false positive with your Antivirus, disable your AV or add the tool to the exceptions)

4th: **All animated models are exported with its respective bone structure in a different file with name *_skel.smd. If you are familiarized with this format you know that smd are basically text files, so…

*Open the Skel file with any text editor and copy all content.
*Open the SMD/Model file with a text editor too and replace the first three lines with the copied data.
*Save the file. Now you have a model with bones.

5th: some models have two or more uv channels. Use ascii files for obtain the others UVs with the option “channel info” from 3DS Max.

I’ll try to help and answer questions but remember that this tool is not mine, therefore, I can’t give you support.

P.S: All credits belongs to id-Daemon

UPDATE! (06/19/2017)
**Now the tool support Heavy Rain models
also bones has been fixed and cloth meshes are rigged.


Someone port william dafoe or i will be angery

far out only like 4 years later ;(
N I don’t even do this stuff anymore sad.

Wow this is pretty incredible, nice find!
Edit: Do you know if this is compatible with games that run on a similar engine?

Nice find! Now we wait until someone dumps the game themselves and upload the models with the weights.

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I definitely would do it myself if I had the game and a PS3.

only B2S, heavy rain or other games have different formats

I reccomend True Ancestor Edat Rebuilder for decrypt the sdat files.


(Check readme for more details)

There is a new version of the tool. Now support Heavy Rain models.
Also the bone structure has been fixed and cloth meshes are now rigged.!1rZl3aSK!Rz-TzC52e6U63EACBmkln4QddHLAlPc3wAlNnxMRtnU

(use the same tools for Beyond to souls for unpack the files, then use the respective hr_DC.exe tool for obtain meshes. Textures from HR not need to be converted because are simple dds files)

well windows defender says its a trojan…

The OP does say it will give your antivirus a false positive.

B2s_big_models.exe did not work. Then I have used
too many .segm files are being created. I looked at almost all but I still have not found the characters.

Does anyone know which file the characters are in?I could not find a model with more skeleton.

where did I make a mistake ??

You better get B2s_big_models.exe to work. If not, it will be hard for you to find characters. Still, usually character segments are about 5-8 MB in size.

wasn’t there a takedown notice when someone ported guns or something a few years back?

On xentax someone was porting BTS to the PC, and making extraction tools but apparently that guy got hired to work for them? but no way knowing if the last part is true

Hi guys!! This tool works for Fahrenheit:Indigo Prophecy? Has anyone tested it?

Does anyone else have issues with the b2s_DC.exe not doing anything when you drag certain .segms onto them? Does it have to do with the way you decrypt the .sdat file? I’ve been using TA EDAT rebuilder if that makes a difference.

I did not add support for it. Had no time.

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Not all .segm files contain usable data. So if other files work, its ok.