Bf2 m16/m203

Could anyone port BF2’s M16A2 with M203 from Battlefield 2?
And no, it’s not on modderfreak’s release!

Thanks in advance!

there are M16s with M203s on FPSBanana. or, is there something special about the BF2 one?

Yeah… it is something special about the BF2 one… I also need the 40mm grenade if possible! :smiley:

Well then what is so special about it?

The fact that I like it more than other M16A2/M203 styles?
IMO it owns… good sights, skin and model.
It might not look as shiny as COD4 one, but it’s way better actually, better skin and model.


i agree if i could make a swep in fact I CAN!