BF3/BF4 BGM-71 TOW Launcher & 9M133 Kornet

I don’t often do this but I don’t want to bump any of the long-dead BF3/4 porting threads and I could really use these for some things I’m working on.

Could anyone rip the BGM-71 TOW launcher and the 9M133 Kornet from either BF3 or BF4? I don’t need them compiled or anything, just the raw files will do. Ideally with the non-camouflaged skins if possible.[/t]

I have no idea if there are models of their associated missiles in-flight, but if there are any then those would be appreciated too.

I second this, we could use some decent static launchers

I think we need more modern static weapons in general.

Especially static machine gun turrets

I may or may not be planning a pack of emplaced weapons with these, though that’s only half of the reason I’d like these ripping.

Though sadly it seems like all the people who can rip from BF3/4 have suddenly dropped off the face of the earth or just haven’t seen this.


I would like to see these as well. We don’t see the Kornet often appear either in games properly.

bf4_gun_shield_and_tripod/ bf4_tow2/ bf4_kornet/ bf4_ch_atgm_hj-8/

I wasn’t expecting to get a reply after so long, but thank you very much! Those will be very useful.

I´m sorry for bumping this thread,but i can´t install the models;can please someone help?

They’re not models for Garry’s Mod, no it’s no wonder you can’t install them.

They’re raw models ripped from the game that need a lot of work before they’re usable in Garry’s Mod.

Oh,ok.Thanks anyway.