bf3 f/a18

Does anyone have BF3 F/A-18? :dance:

you mean this one?

What ever happened to that? Weren’t you going to release it?

It would be great if more of the BF3/BF4 vehicles were ported and released. Most of the characters and weapons have been released, but for some reason many of the vehicles were ignored. I suspect the vehicles were more difficult to work with initially.

I know some tools for importing frostbite engine meshes into 3ds max were released by daniuxxx recently, so maybe it would be easier to obtain the vehicle models now.

I have extracted assets from the game in the past, but I had to rely on a less than elegant method using a hex editor since there was no mesh importer. It also takes a really long time to extract all the files from the game and tons of storage space. I no longer have the HD space, the time, or the patience to mess with it. That said, if anyone is interested in learning more just PM me… but keep this in mind: you will need some level of computer literacy, competency with 3ds Max, and patience to succeed.

Ya~ but I also hope to find the f18 with just one pliot.:wink:

Is that what you want?

this Bug

I’ll try convertelo by 3Ds max or OBJ

^But that’s not the BF3 model, that’s a normal Hornet, not a Super Hornet.

@Pilot1215: Yea, but it got lost in transition when switching PCs. I believe it’s still somewhere in the debts of my external HDD

Tomcatters : I also used the 3D image was different

the texture of the F-18 extranha even this does not seem right

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I’m managing to convert some obj by ninja ripper

This F18 was really perfect texture seems to have morning

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Tomcatters I consigui convert BF4 J-20 chine