BF3 Scar-H

So, eum. Hello, it’s me again. Gay that made the sh*tty MoH 2010 SWEP Pack.

I’m frekin’ proud to release this, my last/est SWEP.

BF3 Scar-H (Imitation, of course) FACEPALM


  • Dynamic, bad recoil (You can’t shoot guy 50 meters far)
  • Sprinting
  • Holstering
  • Killicon + Menu Icon
  • Unfortunately, no WepSelectIcon
  • Ironsight mod
  • Particle muzzle effects
  • Special Walk Effect
  • Near Wall Thing
  • Working World Model (as SWEP Makers say, not a “crouch” gun)
  • Should work online, but it’s only one SWEP, so why…
  • Custom Animations (So many of them 8D) for example empty/non-empty reload
  • Custom Model and Textures
  • Actually first SWEP that have special animations like a ironsight mod fire anim.
  • GMod and CSS Version (CSS Ver. not included)
  • BF3 Feeling :slight_smile:
  • Tons of commands, so it’s pretty modificable

Some Help:
E+RMB = Firemode switch
E+LMB = Holster

Red Crayon - Compile, Base edits
Youpala - Animations, Texture edits, Model edits
Leeroy Newman - Base
End of Days - Model
Racer445 - Textures
Saint/Dice - Sounds
Danger Close - Watches model, textures (Ported from MoH)


I did this FP thread because I’m not available to upload it on

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

Also for c*nts that think I stole it - NO, I didn’t.

It has some bugs, for example when you shoot in ironsightmod and have 0 ammo, weapon
doesn’t act dryfire anim. Leeroy said it’s unfixable.
But as Marlwolf said, it’s like asking blind man with no hands for help.

If it will be bugged as fuck, I will fix and upload it.

  • If I find someone who would do a simple weird attachment system for this
    SWEP, I will don’t forget release it.

Get CSS version NOW 8D:

That’s all, now gtfo and Enjoy !!

What now ?, since I left GMod commuinity I started compiling for CSS, I don’t
wanna touch it (GMod) again. So bye.

Red Crayon

Dat Red Crayon. Watch out for dat Blue Marker :v:

Very cool dude

Nice SWEP. Have a Lua King.

But this is MW2 SCAR-H. Not BF3.

It’s a SCAR-H Model, that’s it. It’s not ported from Modern Warfare 2, nor was it ported from Battlefield 3.

BF3 sounds would go perfect on this, great job!

Error on line 818 of bf3_base shared “bad arithmetic on (addspread)” spams the console repeatedly.
Otherwise I love this swep!

EDIT: Also, the swep sometimes starts off in “semi” mode when It spawns, and I have to go through the actual “semi” mode to get to automatic.

Me Gusta, even the reload animation is quite accurate to the BF3 gun. Nice work man, nice

Cool stuff.

Awesome stuff. Here’s a preview I made for fun :3

hey red crayon your swep is unbelieveaible good but im getting lua errors by everything i want to do

first error in blue: * weapons\bf3_base\shared.lua419*:attempt to call method ´GetDTBool`(a nil value)

second and third in orange: Error:Function(TranslateFOV)no*tfound! on scripted Entity (bf3_Scarh)
Error:Function(FreezeMovement)*notfound! on scripted Entity (bf3_Scarh)

do you know (probably) how to fix this?


It has proper iron sights and proper firemodes.
What the hell does color have to do with it?

Besides, if it was the MW2 scar it’d be gold colored with green leaves all over it because camos.

How to I get rid of the sound that comes on after shooting for a while? It gets annoying and has glitched a few other weapons I have.

Perfect, thanks