BF3 Terrain Textures


I’m remaking “Thunder Run” level of Battlefield 3 using CryENGINE 3. Currently my work is featured on CryDev’s front page, you can see a screenshot there.

I’m requesting if someone can rip off BF3 Terrain Textures, that’s really needed.
Please reply here or PM me.


Yeah, I’ll do it

I can also help you out.

Thank you both, I’m counting on you :wink:

Alright, it’s ripped and ready for takeof. I assume the first one few ones are the heightmap, but the terrain texture should be there somewhere. Download Irfan View so you can look through them quickly.

Look at number 3, it’s some kind of jigsaw. I’ll try to rearrange it for the fucks of it.

Will update once it’s uploaded. It’s about 1.15 gigs uncompressed and 117 mb compressed.

Hey dude no need to upload that 1.5 gigs.
Only go for high resolution diffuse textures (terrain ones) and compress them as much as you can.

I can generate normals and heightmaps here in no time.

Thank you.

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ummmm can you post some low res previews here?

It’s just 117 mb. I’m uploading now, but my internet isn’t cooperating. It’ll get there though.

Ok thanks.

Did you rip from “Thunder Run” level?

Yeah. There we go. I had to restart my router. It’s uploading quickly now!


It aint all that much, but i only took the highres stuff


@zurf3r, downloaded and ported to the game.
@powback, downloading.

That’s very nice of you both, now I’m painting 4Kilometers square map by hand :suicide:
Is that possible to ask for more assets? :smile:

Sure thing ask away and I’ll see what I can provide.

Thanks, theres a sandbag like this in BF3, if you have it in your archive :smile:

I dont have it, right now, but I can get it for you in the morning, anything else you would need?

Can’t recall anything else…
Can you rip the terrain heightmap itself?

Not sure, I’ll have a look though

It’s in my pack. Number 5 if I remember correctly.

Use this tool and select “save as” when you’ve found the correct image. It should then save a png with the correct gamma.

edit: as for the sandbag, do you have the mesh, or should I rip that in 3ds max format too? Or what format do you want it? I can do this tomorrow evening. Feel free to add me on skype (powback) and I’m sure I can help you out however you may need. My internet is better now, so uploading should take no time.

edit2: Reading through the presentation above, I figured that number 5 might be the crater-depth map. Heightmap should be number 4. You’ll figure it out.

@zurf3r, thanks.

@powback, I’m not sure if this can be turned into a heightmap

This is of your pack and is empty and is something else…