BF3 Weapon Models WIth Skins!

Fuck dis!

i’m sorry but this is horrible

These are Fiat Multipla of skins…

Well im sorry this is my first time.

Is it me or does the AK have jpeg compression on it?

JPEG compression camo

no Its Not :stuck_out_tongue: Its not JPeg its .dds Its stuipid 3DS MAX Picture thingy I Pressed F9 and it had the lights. Sorry

So fucking tactic00l, i like it. Maybe you should add some more camos and colors though.

I don’t think more camos and colors could save these mistakes.

I wonder how much is the download count.

It’s Kinda Sad I Have 7 Downloads.

6 are weapon the 7’th one is my rigged support from BF3.

AK-47 Dloads:11
M5K & G36C:6
RPK:1 (Because i havnt gotten its link up :stuck_out_tongue:

Load the file into 3DS MAX Its not really that bright. It looks bright but really in 3ds max without using F9 it looks fine. Sorry, ill post a better pic if u want.


dude, to make these better just open photoshop and press alt+ f4


In layman’s terms, he’s telling you not to make anything like this again. No offense, but these honestly suck.

They can still be used in MW 4 though.