BF3 Zombie Outbreak!!!!

Hello, this is my first Picture. so… i hope you like it.

what is going on

Hello, its just this BF3 Russian medic shooting down some zombie’s. i’d make it a BF3 us medic soldier with him but. i dont have the us dudes.

The TF2 Muzzleflash does not fit in at all and the blur is horrible, next time zoom in more, use a more fitting less cartoony muzzleflash, don’t go apeshit with the blur, fill up the scene a bit with props and what not and focus the camera on what’s happening with a better angle, just staring at the guy leaves alot of empty space to other sides if there’s nothing there.

Yea about the Muzzleflash i couldnt find a different muzzleflash so i used that. and this is my first so… it’s gonna be a bit bad

many props for using actual DoF instead of some blurring tool in Photoshop/GIMP etc, even though you overdid it

If you think to yourself it’s going to be a bit bad, don’t make a new thread, I mean it gets more attention when you make a new thread but it’s not worth it since it’s not good, just put it in this thread instead.