BF4 model AND Mk9 : problem sound/position

Hello !

I currently have a problem with some addon: the first is “Model BF4 Player” (workshop) and M9K rifle weapons (also on the workshop).

My problem is this: with models of BF4 certain weapons are found in the grass and are therefore not in the hands of players.
My second problem is with M9K, players hear their own weapons, but not the other players.

How can i resolve this ?

Tomorrow i can record my screen for you if you want…

Thx !

This is my problem :

Thx !

Does it only happen with that model?


Might want to look at the model’s bone structure then and make sure it has proper holdtypes.

You or me ? Because i have never made a model ^^

Ask the model creator. I’m not going to decompile the model just to look at the bones.

Okay, he working on it.

Now for my sound i think i found a problem. If on my server i havent TeamFortress2 its ok, i have my sound but yesterday i installed TF2 and my sounds disapeared…

I dont know why…

Idéa ?