BF4 Scoreboard blurry background :(

**It’s working fine with my friend.

**This is what i’m looking at:

**This is when I press tab (still looking at the light house)

Why does the background change?
Anyone can help me? Please? :s**

Probably because the thing was coded to do so.

In the code it is changed to do so, there’s a config file that allows you to change it and failing that you can edit it out/change it manually.

It should take what you’re looking at in the background and when you press tab it blurrs it. But it takes another image and blurrs it :s
I can send the file to you guys if someone can help me out code it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I once replied to the creator about this and he said he’d fix it. That was a few months ago. However I did manage to fix the blurry background. Check the config for the scoreboard. It should be in there somewhere.

Also don’t send the files to anyone or you’ll be leaking it. You’d need the owners permission

Thank you so much man, I fixed it :slight_smile:
Sorry, didn’t know that about the leaking thingy.