BFA-72 "Redeemer"

So I made a big ass gun. My brother built the crappy PHX house, and I built the gun. Right now it doesnt have vertical movement but that’s soon to come in a few weeks. I don’t know what to call it, Coastal Gun, Artillery? :eng99:

Features: Limited turning degree.
Uses two GDC 105mm to make a 210mm.
Blows shit up.

Cool, good job on it.


lol visible wire

Looks interesting. Would like a video.

Waiting for a goon to post saying GCombat sucks.

Anyways, nice gun.

I’m not a goon.
GCombat sucks.
ACF rocks.

Looks kinda like Pling’s gun.
Nice stuff.
And acf sux because it lacks lazors.

I’m not a goon.
I would never ever in my life pay 10 dollars for a fucking forum that shows adds for it’s paying customers.

Acf is still fucking awesome though.

too bad ACF is for Sax’s servers only :frowning: ive never used it, but it sounds epic. oh i wish i had unlimted 8meg broadband :’(

It’s actually for the goon servers only.
Sax’s have an old version.

Anti Aliasing? Also gun looks pretty cool unless THEIR ATTACKED FROM THE REAR

I don’t turn on AA or anything on unless i’m doing a pose… when I build I like to build, not care about graphics that mutch

I like it. My only real problem with it is that it doesn’t… Damn it, in the time it took me to write that sentence, I forgot what I was going to say. I hate memory loss. Anyways, cool gun, brah!

Why on earth are you using those phx panels? They are fail.0.

Gun is very nice otherwise. Lamp shade should have been materialized.

Reminds me of a Wolfenstein map - Win

I wish you’d create a barrel rather than using a light post, however.

im not a goon but i will say gcombat sucks CoDE is a 1000 times better and yes a nice gun indeed, highly detailed (btw this isnt sarcasm) the trees sorta fit there aswell

That visible wire was for the fail automatic door that barley worked :slight_smile: BTW this is Storm, the guy that built the “crappy house”