BFBC - Semi-Serious DarkRP Roleplay

Hey, I just started a 32 slot server, DarkRP on rp_tb_city45_v02n. I am the owner and the servers are going good so far.
Admin - $5
VIP - $3

Full Name: [BFBC] DarkRP City45[PCMOD][PHX3][DOOR][DURGZ][MORE] | 24/7 Roleplay Server + FastDL

Steam Page:


Port: 8000

Selling admin, get out.

thats how you get money

just sell VIP, if you sell admin, then you get a bunch of shit admins

Selling admin is the DUMBEST thing you can do.

Please, Don’t sell admin. Your server will turn into a shithole. Just sell VIP. Also, There isn’t much information here. Please post more.

Oh lord.

Haha, what is the point in your server? Gather guns and money? That is some true RP right there!

BFBC reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company, which reminds me of guns. And admin should be given to people you trust, not stupid people with $5 in there Paypal.


Buying admin


Shitfucking tons of fail right there.