Bhop, 66 tick or 33?

Title says it all, I’m wondering which would be better since gmod supposedly runs badly with 100 tick and if you also know any settings that would be good?


100 tick. It says it runs badly with 100 tick but it doesn’t matter. All servers use 100 tick anyway.

The 100tick issues in gmod do not apply to bhop maps, 100 tick is the settings that servers should use for bhop on any game as it is the settings maps are built for if anyone here knows anything about CS:S bhop which maps are made for mainly.

Conversely bhop in any other gamemode on CS:S is usually designed with 66 tick stamina in mind so 66 tick will easily surpass the intentional settings.


You should never use 100 tick. The prediction will just cause tons of lag and actually inversely affect bhopping.

Yes you should, the prediction isnt the issue on 100 tick bhop servers, it’s badly predicted and/or badly optimized code in predicted hooks (e.g. Move) that causes lag on 100tick servers on gmod.

If you look at all the 100tick bhop servers on gmod, you’ll notice that the main issue is actually the crouching since for some reason the hulls on gmod don’t seem to work right no matter how you apply/use them. The point of 100tick is the more consistent scrolls you can get on the ground when scrolling which also affects how fast you can go when you are on an auto server (66tick is still slower with perfect jumps).

CS:S is also a source engine game and that also runs fine on 100tick.

As I said either way it’s only important for the actual bhop gamemode, not any other gamemode that remotely involves bhop as pretty much everything else is designed for 66tick anyway.

100 tick… Just don’t use ilyas unoptimised piece of shit.