Bhop and speed hacks?

Yeah, I’m looking for a Bunny Hop script that lets me bunny hop really fast, and a speedhack script. Either is fine, I could just speed hack while jumping and pretend I’m bhoping. Go ahead and call me a noob fag or w/e. I’m only using it for one server, and I’m not a noob because EVERYONE is using hacks on the server. I’ve SEEN people bhop hack AND speed hack ALL THE TIME. They say “I only use it for the server.” The owner allows it too. The Bhopers say “is jus skeel” but I know it’s not skill. They can bhop, but no one can bhop 200 mph without hacking. I need a FREE hack. No viruses. I don’t care if it’s cheap, or only has 1 small virus, I want a hack that I just put on my desktop, install it or just press it, and a menu comes up with hacks or a lua that lets me speedhack/bhop. I need it to let me use it on multiplayer, I don’t want shitty client side. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE. The only ones I can find I’m pretty sure have viruses, don’t work, or I need to pay for them. I don’t want emails or anything on any dl sites that I need to put in all this shit or survey. I’m only using it on this server just for fun. I don’t want to hack on any other servers, thats noobish. And I’m not one of those 9 year olds that make posts saying “ny 1 got hax i need dem vry badlie i no us dem i promis giv me hax pl0x.”

I don’t want:
links with surveys
links I need to sign up on
links I need to put personal information
links I need to buy the hacks with
hacks that need other programs to work
hacks that have viruses
hacks that don’t work or are outdated
hacks that take up %50 of my disk space
hacks that make my game go really slow while running them, cause I have a shit computer. I can run games like L4D and Fallout 3, but not games like Duke Nukem and such
or hacks that I can only use on singleplayer

I perfer Lua hacks that do not crash my Gmod when I join a server.

It’s okay if you give me a program with other hacks like aimbot and such, but it HAS to work on gmod, and it HAS to have Fast Bunny hopping, and speed hacks.

I have atleast 10 VERY antivirus programs, a very good firewall, and a good router, but still. I don’t want to deal with viruses.

DON’T REPLY ANYTHING LIKE “y u need hax u dumb” I want them for fun. Everyone on the server uses these hacks.

Does it have bhop and speed hack?

–EDIT: Nvm, in the comments says that VAC2 doesnt allow it in gmod. So yeah. Thanks for trying to get me banned from Gmod. I Said I only want it for one server to mess around.

If you really want to hack look for lua scripts that do this and NOT an exe then you won’t be banned.

Oh, I guess BaconBot will not get me banned because it’s a lua. Okay. I’ll try it out.

–EDIT: Nevermind about BaconBot. When I try to join a server my gmod crashes immediatly. Try and find me a different hack.

No. If you want free cheats, there’s only really pure lua ones (which can’t speedhack) or backdoored ones (Which you can feel free to use)


Nothing on the internet comes for free (except for trash).

TF2 is free. You callin’ that trash? And lots of people on that server speed hack, they say they got it for free. But refuse to say the name of the hack because they’re fags.

Has a speedhack.

cheatengine only works for singleplayer, and the one thats for multiplayer is not VAC2 proof and the creator says it never will be. Read the list I posted above of what I do not want.

i remember using cheat engine, then removing it to speed up my computer.

Cheat engine works perfectly fine in multiplayer. It also isn’t VAC detected and honestly you will never get what you want unless you pay for it or make it yourself.


Garry updated Gmod to run on VAC2. Cheat engine isn’t VAC2 proof.


I make cheats and know what i’m talking about. You don’t.

10 very good antivirus softwares you say? Well, instead of trying to get a hack, why not choose only one antivirus software? Lol, I’d be afraid of running more than 1 antivirus.

If you really want to have advantages, why not host your own server and then abuse your admin rights? Heck, you might actually find hosting a server to be fun :D.

I don’t run all of them at once. And I’ve hosted many, many servers before.

I tried out cheat engine. I have NO IDEA how to use it. And it’s made to hack online games, not Gmod.

The speedhack checkbox isn’t easy to use?

Nvm it works now. But if I make it more than 10 the chatbox lags like hell and I get a connection problem every 20 seconds. For some reason the voices of other ppl dont lag. But thanks for this anyways. :smiley:

That’s funny. Because I recall using Cheat Engine to change some serverside cvars when it was still working for such things (which was about a month or so ago, I don’t know). Guess what? I’m not VAC banned. You know what is really funny though? On another account I had I used Cheat Engine to speedhack on TF2 (I am long over that). Well, I got VAC banned for that. Put it all together and I seem to have the belief that VAC is only enabled on GMod for stuff like Baconbot or some dll files that are known.

Actually it’s currently only baconbot. sh2 is blocked from loading (but sethhack doesn’t use that anymore). gmcl_deco is blocked from loading (but renaming it allows it to load).