Bhop and Surf

Will we be able to do Bhop and Surf? Is it possible now?

I can’t imagine why not. Oh golly, can’t wait for movement based gamemodes and maps on s2 : D

I remember trying to recreate cs movement in Unity, and while bhopping is really easy, we can surely make it with a custom character controller if it’s not the default one.
But surfing is actually closely tied to physics, and seeing that s2 has new physics engine, it may be more difficult to do, if it’s not there

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You seem to get to have full access to the player controller code, just program in a new movement system to allow for it I guess

Judging by the video the whole system is the same and works. Just looks like the settings for bhop were not set, otherwise looks like vanilla movement. And ofc ABH wont work as it has been fixed in S1 for a lot of time now. Knowing valve it’s safe to assume that a big part of movement controller is taken from latest S1(Because it’s one thing that i feel needed no change, S1 movement felt amazing for years)?

Garry’s said that they want to keep movement similar to hl2. And they’ve already put things in place that would allow us to change movement however we wanted, so you can always just make hl movement.

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On top of all the work Garry and co. have done, I imagine that you could code in each different movement style (Normal, Scroll, Sideways, LowGrav, etc) as different movement controllers. Each one has its own functionality and a very specific way of reacting to different forms of input.

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Bhop and surf would still work since it’s most likely still utilizing the same physics engine as source 1 or similar.

If anything you could always manipulate the physics through code depending how much access we have to the engine.

Source 2 uses a new, in-house engine instead of Havok from Source 1.

That said, when S&Box was still planned for Unreal I recall Layla recreating Source 1’s physics relatively well. Also, when I played Half-Life: Alyx the physics still felt true to Source so there are no worries for the future of high-speed, server crashing ragdoll fun.

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Ah that’s good to know, hopefully we will have control over how the physics stuff works.

What do you think about zero gravity explosive barrel challenge where you can only use jet packs to propel and control character?

There’s no secret to bhop or surfing. Just a simple friction and acceleration model. Don’t worry about it.


Thanks for answer

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Professional bhop & surf programmer chiming in (it’s literally my source of income :grin:) - one of my first objectives is to make sure there’s proper surf and bhop in S&box, including correct jump heights, move speed, pre-strafe, lj, djump, fixing ramp bugs etc.

Additionally a proper timer gamemode with all the movement styles.

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Don’t forget proper gravity! I hate when server owners in gmod notice the player jumping lower or higher and try to fix it by increasing jump height instead of unfucking sv_gravity or vice versa

Definitely. I think CS:S is the foundation for competitive bhop/surf (also what gmod servers try to copy), so that’s where I will start.

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Surf and bhop mechanics in other engines pretty much boil down to creating a very standard character controller and then screwing with the settings until it feels right. I got it down in Godot pretty easily.

Can’t see it being any harder here, just mess with the settings until it works.

You can ABH

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As soon as people program their own player controller I imagine it’ll be spread throughout all the bhop/surfing communities to emulate S1 movement with surfing/bhopping.