Bhop Console Code?

Helloo, while becoming way more interested in Bunny Hopping, I tried to do it alone in single player.
Turns out that there is a little boost when you Jump and Hold W [ Yes I know Im not supposed to hold W,
I am new to this]. Is there a console code to slow down my speed or anything?
Or to stop the little boost when you jump and hold W?
Im not good with console codes either, So if you could type it under Parenthases or Quotation Marks.

Thanks :smiley:

When you bhop you…uhh
You hold D, meanwhile drag the mouse to the right, meanwhile jumping, then the same thing but with A, drag mouse to the left and still jumping.
This might only be on CS:S but it works.
Another thing you can do is to bind the jump command to the scroll button, therefore you jump directly when you hit the ground. (You must scroll before landing and abit after)