Bhop Difficulty Help

Hi, I am making a Bhop gamemode and I was wanting to know how to set sv_airaccelerate to single clients. Is this possible because if not I will just maybe have to use Walkspeed.


You can’t set sv_airaccelerate to clients, what are you talking about?

I mean to single clients I am sure you can not just set it to one person.

What? You’re not making any sense at all, single clients? sv_ means a serverside command.

Use -tickrate 100

No he does make sense, he is trying to make it so individual peoples air accelerate differs to others (probably depending on difficulty levels). I don’t think this is possible, but then again, I could be wrong.

Exactly, Does anyone else know how to do it?
Like there is Player.SetWalkSpeed why not Player.SetAirSpeed?