Bhop Gamemode

I’m not pulling off an “I’m saying I’m looking for it but i really mean make me the stuff” thread, but I’m just asking if there is a bunny hop gamemode publicly released.

Before you rage at me for not learning how to lua code and make the gamemode myself, i actually have tried and i haven’t succeeded. If you have any other ideas for learning lua you can tell me and i could try off of your way, other than that you could just stick to the main topic of the thread.

Methods of learning lua so far

  1. Learning expression 2 first
  2. Looking at other people’s codes to learn off of them.
  3. Use source codes from gamemodes and put them together editing the basic stuff i need to create the gamemode.
  4. Asking friends (non of my friends know lua unfortunantly (to the degree that they can create a gamemode of high quality) if you are willing to give me free basic lessons on lua feel free but im not making anyone do anything)

Expression 2 teaches you what syntax is and a very dumbed down representation of the flow of logic in programming.


My suggestion to you honestly,

  1. Learn basic Lua syntax,
  2. Learn the basics of how files work within a gamemode or addon environment,
  3. Lastly, read some information on how Hooks work. Hook will allow you to run a specific bit of code when something happens. Here is a Gmod Wiki page that should help you with that.