Bhop Scripting?


So I need your help but this is also kind of a discussion. Here’s the scenario (Please read all of it, it’s important):

I run two servers a surf and bhop server. On both servers I have a very popular anti-cheat called Cac, found here:

Within the settings of the anti cheat, if someone uses auto hop they’re kicked. By default if the player does 8 perfectly (single step) timed hops they’re kicked for auto hop. A player on my bhop server has been kicked 10+ times for auto hop when using the legit/normal mode. What’s the chance he is a legit player? I mean is it possible to get 8 successful single steps? Any ideas would be cool.

I could potentially change it to 10, so if he get’s 10 single steps he’s kicked, as I would assume 10 is near impossible. What makes this more interesting is, on my surf server he was automatically banned by the anti-cheat for aimbot and speed manipulation. Now you know he has scripts, what’s the chance his auto hop is legit, he claims it is. I need some opinions on this.

If you wanna join my server to test it just ask, i’ll give you the IP.

Thank you.

He’s lying. He’s already a known cheater to you and 8 perfect hops in a row isn’t possible without scripts.

Disable punishment for bhopping on your surf server. It makes no sense to leave it on.

I really don’t think that 8 or even 10 “perfect” hops are impossible… maybe not consistently, but every now and then someone skilled enough would be likely enough to hit that amount…

Whether that guy is cheating or not I can’t tell you, maybe he is, maybe not, but why have anti-bhop measures on a bhop server in the first place? Does it really matter that much?

You must be a bad bhopper.

So that people don’t cheat on the non-autohop styles. The entire bhop gamemode is about beating other people’s records on different bhop styles, it’s not fair if someone gets a record on a scrollwheel mode when all they do is just hold spacebar.

Thank you for your opinions. It’s tough because like you lot mentioned, it is probably possible to hit 8 perfect jumps, however he’s a proven cheating on my other server.

Would it be worth upping the amount of perfect hops before the anti-cheat kicks for suspected auto hop. I’m keeping auto hop on because like mentioned, people will try and use auto-hop on the legit mode.

I think you should trust what your anti cheat is telling you, the guy didn’t make over 14,000$ because his product is defected…

anticheats can be wrong