Bhop Server Settings

I’de like to open this bhop server soon and I was testing it on a private host from nfo on 66 tick and it is kinda delayed with jump and my friend said it’s slow. Are there settings I need to add? I’de like this to mirror bigger bhop servers such as PG and GFL. I’m not asking for secret stoof just info, thanks boonches! :slight_smile:

Must be some code then delaying it in the gamemode; you can open up a Sandbox with 66 tick and see that the jumps are instant.

Sometimes with auto hop on it even acts like I double jump and loses all my speed, This can’t be lag because I have 20 ping.

Does it work without autohop on? That’s probably causing the issue.

It happens when I am or am not using auto

There should be no reason your jumps are delayed if you are jumping normally without autohop or some space spam script.