There’s a lot of older ones on here but is this still possible and is there a working lua script to bhop with? :smiley: thanks

function Bhop()
local h = false
if input.IsKeyDown( KEY_USE ) then
if h then
RunConsoleCommand( ‘+Jump’ )
h = false
RunConsoleCommand( ‘-Jump’ )
h = true
hook.Add( ‘Think’, ‘Bhop’, Bhop)

This should work, but no promises.

Isn’t that the same as holding down the spacebar?
Bunny hopping is a bit more complex; i’ve never successfully done it (i’m a noob i know). My understanding is your supposed to incorporate turning and strafing to maximize velocity?

But why even write a lua script to to that? You could always just make increase their velocity when they jump x times consecutively if your looking to make it simpler.

He’s most likely asking to do this on other servers, not make a gamemode himself or sever.