Who know how to creat a bhopscript for serverside , no clientside ? if someone can help me just make a replay and i will add on steam !

I don’t realy understand what you mean with that !

It’s shared.

Why do you need to have it serverside?

Couldn’t just send the file to the client?

  1. Its bhopping
  2. clientside, why would you want serverside…: [lua] if LocalPlayer():OnGround() then
    ucmd:SetButtons( ucmd:GetButtons() | IN_JUMP )
    end [/lua]

becouse i need for my server ! no just for a player .

Your server doesnt bhop… the player does…

He want’s it so that his entire server can bhop, not just a single player while hacking.

Again couldn’t just send the file to the client?

just be good like me


i actually created a fretta bhop mod at one point

Of course he could, I am just pointing out that IsOnGround is shared, so he could do it server sided if he wanted to.

Well i guess i’m just thinking it would be easier (and probably more efficient) if he were to just send the file to the client.

Why? It’s the exact same code either way.

do you want people to bhop all the time? if you do you could just put that in lua/autorun/client with some sort of timer or something

Guess it’s just my way of doing things.

hook.Add( “Think”, “bhopscript”, function()
for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
v:SendLua( “if LocalPlayer():OnGround() then ucmd:SetButtons( ucmd:GetButtons() | IN_JUMP” )

Oh for fucks sake.

[lua]hook.Add(“SetupMove” , “Stuff” , function(pl , movedata) if pl:OnGround() then movedata:SetVelocity(movedata:GetVelocity() + Vector(0,0,300)) end end )[/lua]

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