Bhopping problem on new deathrun server in the making

Basically, my friend is making a new deathrun server, and currently within it, when you’re crouch bhopping and change to standing up bhopping in one move while continuing to bhop, it brings you to a complete stop, what is the fix to this? There is definitely a fix to it since it doesn’t do this on some of the good deathrun servers and bunny hop servers.

You probably have an anti bhop script… Verify you don’t

Can’t tell if you’re joking, dumb post nonetheless.

I would try taking a peak at Mr.Gash’s Deathrun gamemode on GitHub. He had a pretty sick movement mechanic and I don’t remember switch stances haulting the player. He borrowed it from someone, but it’s old code so who knows who made it. Anyways, see the link below for the exact start of the GM:Move() function

thank you i will give it a look :wink:

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i gave it a try and its still doing it :confused: thank you though

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I found the solution! its to change to arizard’s deathrun