"BHO's US East PvP(Wiped 1-18)Rust++" Door Sharing, Starter Kits, Air Drops, all the good stuff...

We are an older server, about 3 months, looking to expand our player base. Prior to the “attacks” on the rust servers
we had an average of 70 players, however, slowly dwindled after the “attacks”. We need your help building our community
back up to its former glory!

What You Can Expect:

  • Fair Admins
  • No Abuse
  • Quick Bans for Cheaters
  • PvP!

Server Rules:

  • No Cheating
  • No Repeated Harassment
  • No Flagrant Racism
  • No Griefing (e.g. placing a pillar on someone else foundation for the purpose of ruining their construction.)

We are currently running Rust++ for we have found it to be the least problematic at this point.
Rust++ Commands:
/help -Lists Rust++ Commands
/location -Displays in game location coordinates
/players -Lists currently connected players
/pm “Player” -Privately messages player
/starter -Grants starter kit to inventory
/ping -Displays ping
/share “Player” -Shares doors with player
/unshare “Player” -Unshares doors with player
/listfriends -Lists connected on server friends list
/addfriend “Player” -Adds player in on server friends list
/unfriend “Player” -Removes player from on server friends list
/reply -Replies to most recent private message

Server Connection Info:

Contact Us:
Server Owner: Bhoseph - Feel free to add me on steam if needed
Website/forums currently being worked on

I’ve been playing on this server for over a month now. We’ve gone through a couple wipes and we always seem to get the same good group of guys who foster a great sense of community. There are raiders, enforcers, people who have ongoing wars with each other, and great admins who don’t abuse their power. One thing I’ve seen on this server time and time again is the general community’s willingness to help out those that are new to the game.

If anyone reads this, I’d like to endorse this server as a great RUST community. See you in-game!

I have been playing here since I got rust. Best server I have played on.

Bump. Come join us!


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Waiting on Rust++ updates : (