[release]What is this?

[/release][release]Console variables:
bidoof -> Enable / Disable bidoofs
bidoof_extreme_mode -> Enable / Disable “extreme mode” which is on by default.


I’m still stuck on, “What is this?”

Is that in addon form?:v:

The idea originated from the Derp Derp Derp section of 711chan.

Awesome piss-off clients script. Have a paint Palette

I think a potatoes one is in order? (well, the song is cut, but yeah)

Seizurific script, though.

Holy shit.

Congratulations. This is fucking annoying.

Thank you, I guess. The background color effects are made up of colormod and bloom.

Did you mean entertaining?

I like the word Bidoof. Sounds strange backwords too… Foodib.

Best thing to come out of Garry’s Mod '09 in my opinion.

Needs a lot moar information :holy:

Edit: As in how it works, dipshits.

Watch the youtube vid and read his post if you need information, it helps alot.

Haha, awesome.

Looks fun I guess?

Whats the name of the song :rolleye:

Running in the 90s.

I’d love to hear the people’s mics of those experiencing the terror of Bidoof.

I request someone make a server and terroize people with it.

If your hosting it on a server do this


Note You may want to host the .mp3 on a webhost or something it takes long to download
[lua]if ( SERVER ) then return end[/lua]
[lua]if ( SERVER ) then
for k,v in pairs(file.Find("…/materials/bidoof/*.vtf")) do