BIG Advanced Duplicator problem, please help!

i recently downloaded the advanced duplicator and some spaceships, when i paste the ships into my map it only pastes the hull, other parts don’t appear or just fall off.

for sample, i pasted a spacefighter about 10 minutes ago, and at first the hull appeared, then i got a whole list of errors in screen that said it was unable to weld, so the ship fell partly apart, and the thruster fell of, and a lot of other wired parts where just lying on the ground and didn’t work anymore.

i have this error with everyting i downloaded with ADV dup. does anyone know how to fix this? i have the latest wire, and my Gmod11 is legal.

post the links to one as an example so we can see what it uses

if you mean the links of the ships, here they are:

i have also downloaded some other ships, but as they only contain a hull and no other parts they work fine.

The problems you are having is because these use the spacebuild model pack,

Spacebuild Model Pack

so it’s impossible to duplicate Spacebuild Model Pack props with ADV dup?

You dont have the right models for the ship use those links shogun gave you. i had this problem like a year ago :stuck_out_tongue:

SBEP_fixalldupes should help you.

Use SVN to get the latest version of SBMP. SVN Tutorial:

i watched the links, and honestly, i really don’t understand anything of it XD. it’s like i have to mod my whole pc lol!
i never knew i had to go through so much **** just to simply spawn some stuff :open_mouth:

ow and SBEP_fixalldupes doesn’t work, it says: unknown command.

As said before, Without the Spacebuild Model Pack, The models don’t exist on your computer to be able to create them. If you look, you will find the adv duplicator just stores model paths, positions, angles and contraints, but no actual models.