Big Boss is standing on a hill while a Hind is passing by

God damn, I suck with titles sometimes…


Love your style

Very very nice. Really like it from my personal view.

I love the blur effects on the leaves.

Pretty neat, only quirk is that I don’t really like how he’s holding the rifle.

And he could be abit more crouched/dynamic stance, or something.

I need to buy a playstation… again…

Nice edit.

lighting on snake is superb, but on the other hand, the one on the helicopter is pretty bad

but i like the overall pic, good job!

Cool edit !

Nice picture, good posing and editing. I can’t really see any noticeable flaws.

Excellent posing and angle, and effects, and setup

“God damn, I suck with titles sometimes”

Don’t know about that, but you don’t suck at your work. I love it. Have art.