Big Boss

I am quite surprised no-one has requested this. But, I Would LOVE, to see a Big Boss Ragdoll made. He’s a friken beast. FOX HOUND.

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Naked Snake is good too. :slight_smile:

Wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong, you’re wrong, you’rre wrong!

Anyway i support this, actually, i think i know a few guys who can make this.

Wait naked snake and big boss are the same person.

Yes, they are, but they use different camo’s and uniforms. And I have not seen any MGS Requests like evar.

I made like, 5 myself in the past, how could you of NOT seen them.

ACTUALLY, go look now, theres one called SNAAAAKE.



Gaako-(Anyone have a link to that model? I saw it before.)

I dont think it was ported.

The Gekko you mean? It was ported and put into a tank pack a long time ago. I don’t know where it is though Gekko + WW2 tank pack

Must be because you don’t look at other people’s requests. Theres a thread going anyway called “Snnaaakkee” (give or take a few n’s a’s k’s and e’s) where some dude as ripped basically all the models from MGS1 Twin Snakes, maybe some from MGS2? I forget… and also Big Boss from Peace Walker… along with others from Peace Walker. Also, theres a Big Boss model already going around in some DOD pack on

Edit: Actually, I’ve just found it on

i saw the video and was wondering if that model of Snake has been released in these very forums? the search function of this forum seems to be quite rebellious.

I think it was released on another forum. Whats wrong with

i dont own garrysmod or any half life game. just want to use these models in Maya :slight_smile: