Big bug with my game.

Hello, i have a big problem with my game :

Few months ago, i was able to play Rust with no problems, 60 FPS ETC…
But i had to format my PC because of a problem with my graphic card.
After the formatting, i had to reinstall all my games and Rust which is not working anymore.
I can launch the game, but when i join a server, at the end of the loading, the game crash.
That’s weird because it was working before the formatting and now it is not working. Thank you for helping me.

just some basic things that you may like to check they may not make any difference but worth trying

have you tried turning off your virus checker or and firewall
have you got flash player installed
are your drivers up to date
have you got easyanticheat installed
have you tried to re-enstall game

I don’t know
I don’t know

What are your system specs, please? CPU, RAM, video card

launch with DX9 mode and see if that works, if yes then you have same problem as me…

Mark008 i i did it, i can launch a server but i have 8 FPS :confused:

elixwhitetail :
Processor : Intel Core i7-3770 CPU
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660

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Now i play on a server, but i have 6 FPS
Before the formatting i had 60+ FPS please help me i will explode my pc, i’m so angry…

What video card does Rust say it’s using in the options menu? It should provide it with the other system info it provides. I have a hunch that Rust could be using the Intel HD Graphics 4000 on the CPU instead of your GTX 660.

Now i have a great problem, i was playing MW3 with 80 FPS and i have updated my drivers of my graphic card now i’m playing with 30 :’( I’m so angry

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Please help for the 2 games and i don’t know which graphic card is used for Rust