Big Bullets Do Big Damage, terrorist squad under fire

M82 is awesome.

Sniperguy who’s hand isn’t posed good enough but that isn’t visible in the screenshot. :smiley:

Holy mother of mercy! What kind of heat is that guy packing?!

Why did his head explode into pink?

Because it’s smoke with blood. Grey + red = pink

Lol, those are form my Kuma War pack, it looks awesome btw.

looks like he’s disintegrating

oh hey it’s Eli Vance the terrorist again.

‘‘Mohammed did you just fart again?!’’

I think it’s too pink anyways.

Just wanted to try something new. :stuck_out_tongue: Saw this in some movie once.

Crazy. I like it.

He’s made off pink confetti :buddy:

way too much blood, other than, nice :smiley:


Needs more gore and less blood spray.

Reminds me of a ninja popping a smoke bomb to myseriously dissapear.


That’s what his head just did.


The blood’s pink, but other than that, nice.

shhh, Muslims will threaten to kill you over the internet no less, be careful how you throw that name around!..
-sarcasm :slick:

God damn! We need a model of 1 of these for screenshots of this caliber.

Top is .50 bottom is what this thing fires.