Big Clans

What are you supposed to do in Rust if you are a single player or 3 players and you just are constantly in threat by a huge clan??

Lots of things you can do to improve your chances of surviving;

  • Relocate your base to a more quieter location
  • Change server
  • Join another clan
  • Stay under the radar, not talking in chat, not giving away your positions or antagonizing players etc.
  • Play minecraft

–> Hide your base very good
–> Sneak to the enemys base and try to steal something
–> Split your loot
–> Dont build huge castles … Or you are a target of big clans
–> Dont build near big clans … The neighbours will be raided at first
–> Be friendly <33333

on this wipe i built my base and then after 2 days a big clan was just living near me and my friends
we got raided…
sad history

Big clans throw off the balance. Not much can be done to avoid that other than joining them or try your best to make them forget you exist. Like others said make many bases, hide your valuables in stashes and try not to piss them off. You might be able to negociate a fragile truce with them by offering wood or some other commodity they may need, but most clans always have that guy who doesn’t care or know about this and will wtfpwn your base nonetheless.

For me this game stops being fun when you have more than 3-4 in a team, be it mine or others.

I feel the same. 3-4 people in a clan is a good number. 10+ people in a clan is shit. The balance on the Server is broken at the moment.

I will try to use all this lol they sound very helpful.

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What do you mean “split my loot”?

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That’s happens to me about ten times in my history haha

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I literally agree with this 100%. It ruins the game and people who play alone have no chance to get “big”.

Dont use 1 Lootroom. Split your loot to a few lootrooms. Much small lootrooms are safer than 1 big Lootroom.

Ahh I see. I shall do that. Thank you!

I forgot some good points.
–> Dont run your furnaces everytime. Furnances attract raider. Use a seperate small house for your furnances.
–> Build between rocks
–> Dont build higher than 3 stories.

Thanks everyone! I am gonna join a new server and see how these all work! I will keep you updated how it goes.

As well, as a solo player, spread your wealth around the map. I always have at least three bases to return to in case one gets raided. Back up all your items and split them between your bases.

Clans don’t ruin the game any more than guns do, or exterior walls, or anything else that provides an alternate method of gaining strength. Big clans can be beat with bigger clans, or slightly smaller clans with better players, or gear, or coordination…

You’ve got some good advice to follow though, so I hope it works out for you.

I understand that but when they raid people who only are a team of 1 - 3 it ruins the game.

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So far it’s going great! I haven’t seen anyone around my base and it’s very safe. The base is a very small 3x3 and is one floor with multiple rooms. I’m working on another base to store some more loot.

Again, groups don’t ruin the game, not any more than loners do. Those people in that group probably think the game works just fine. Just like someone with a bow will complain that the guy with a gun ruins the game, even though it’s their choice to hold on to the bow.

To complain about the size of a group is to complain about being over powered. It’s your choice not to join a group, and your choice not to become more powerful than that large group picking on other smaller ones. You can point the finger and claim that your lack of enjoyment is someone else’s fault, or you can come to terms with the consequences of your decision not to become stronger than them.