big daddy drill

i’ve looked around facepunch and garrysmod but i’m suprised that i have not seen a file for the drill a big daddy has in bioshock (1 and 2).

i really think this would be awesome and i cant program/make models so i think someone else should do it.

it doesn’t even reed the dash attack just the ability to drill and cut up people like the dismemberment chainsaw.

I think this a request.
Just to let you know, this is the suggestion forum for default Garry’s Mod content.

hey, its still an idea/suggestion

You should post this in the models and the Lua section.

fine then i will. its just because i’m a bit of a n00b and i dont know my way around this place

You joined in December '07. :v:

well read about and study then… did you not notice the big stickies at the top of every page?

well this was my brothers acount originaly and i’m not that good at paying attention to things

Excuses, excuses. Would be nice though.