Big Daddy lumbering through a partially flooded bar...

The first picture on my new monitor!

Please view the original:

C&C please,

PS. Feel free to edit the original.

Cool, really cool, I love the water


noice pic.
I wanna new monitor I got this lame CRT

The one I’ve got is hardly incredible. It’s just a 1280x1024 Dell thing, not even widescreen. I’m not complaining though; I got the thing for free and my old monitor was 1024x768 so it’s a welcome change.

my monitor is 1752x856 I know wierd sizing

wow nice job on the water there. You should have made his eyes green though.

Very nice, I should also do another bioshock pose.

The big dady looks like he is going to fall over, plus big daddys tend to stomp very hard and create lots of ripples and/or dust. Water looks nice >:D

Thanks guys.

My moniter is 1440x900 but i always take screenshots in windowed 1380x768 because i can’t be arsed to make it fullscreen

Thanks for that.

Strangely enough I never really liked the skin on that model. Too clean.

I always assumed it was a direct port.

I’d love this one:

Nice work on the water.

Nice water ya

My Monitor is 1680x1050, I am lucky.

Amazing edit, loving the water.


Thanks guys.

Incredible looking scene. Water effect is pretty much perfect, and the lighting is great.