Big Daddy Protecting a Little Sister Against a Horde of Splicers!.jpg


It’s time to kill splicers and chew bubble gum… and im all out of gum.

cant see the pic, bro.


nevermind. Cool looking picture you’ve got yourself there, mister B :3:

I really wish we had more Bioshock-themed maps, there’s so many poses that I’d like to do and to see others do too.

But cool image all the same!

Maybe this big daddy and little sister escaped Rapture to harvest somewhere else.

Nice one halfy. I like the glow on Mr.B

Only complaint is that I think the daddy needs to be squatting a little more. He looks a bit to erect for a bouncer. But other than that, excellent

Lack of common sense is what’s wrong with America. :911:

Hey I’m the guy on the right! :3



After playing Bioshock 2 for a while, the old Little Sisters are freakin’ ugly as hell.

Love your picture though, artsy’ed :slight_smile:

big daddy’s gonna lose
nice picture

The Little Sisters are a bitch to pose in my opinion.

Ya they’re heavy so it pulls down the physgun. It took me like 10 minutes to get her to stay decent

I don’t think that came out QUITE as you hoped…

hopefully the new sisters that plasmid is porting are going to be a little lighter…hopefully

Source of splicers models please.

nice picture and the new sisters I ported from bioshock 2 are light :smiley: and have finger and face posing