Big Daddy Searches for his Little Sister...

…Before the pairbond coma takes effect.

rate enough hearts and he just might find her :smug:

nice lighting and atmosphere

This looks awesome but the big daddy is missing light in this helmet. That’s the only thing I can see wrong. Good job!

Yeah, that daddy’s already dead according to the lack-of-lights in his helmet.

^ I couldn’t find a good way to do this without it looking bad.

Finally, a GOOD Bioshock pose.

Cool lighting and atmosphere. Really weird camera angle though.


Shouldn’t have done it on construct. Build maps are generally ugly and bad. Try using a map such as: or related for a Bioshock pose.

That’s on Construct? Doesn’t look like it…

I didn’t think so either until I saw the walls. Regardless, it is a very nice scene build on an ugly map.

It’s not construct, it’s some destroyed city map, it’s pretty small, I found the area featured in the pose by accident while looking around the interior areas, so I made this up real quick.

ttt_camel_v1 if I’m right. Nice job on it, could use a bit more anti aliasing.